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Frontalni udar Info on english:

A punk band from Pula ( Croatia ) formed in 1989. In 1996 Igor joined the group: he replaced Masimo on solo guitar. This is the only change we've had so far. Today the bend members are: Marinko Matozan Mare-vocal, Igor Stankovic-solo guitar, Wolfgang Ereš Wolgy-guitar, Zoran Kostic Zoki- bass guitar, and Ivan Šetan Ði-drums. We have released two D.I.Y. demos: “Junak našeg doba” (“A Hero of Our Time”) in 1993 and “Podanik opake naravi” (“A Subject of Bad Temper”) in 1995. We have also two studio albums: “Dobio si što si dobio” (“You Got What You Got”) in 1998 and “Kapitalizam mrzi me” (“Capitalism Hates Me”) in 2006. Our songs are published on various compilation CDs and cassettes.




We had many concerts in Slovenia and Croatia , among which the best were those at Monte Paradiso festivals, Kocka in Split and Mochwara in Zagreb .

The band is still active because of its members and performs rarely, but it's still trying not to move too far away from the stage and the proof is the new album for which we've all been waiting so much and which finally is about to be released under the Monteparadiso Netlabel, as the previous album “Dobio si što si dobio” (“You Got What You Got”). There are a few homemade music videos, which you can also find on the same netlabel.

All editions are licensed under the Creative Commons license, which means you can feel free to download, burn, copy … without feeling guilty ;)



NetLabel Info


Monteparadiso Association from Pula established the Monteparadiso Netlabel, a music label that you can find on the internet and which offers you all their music editions released in the past and more recently. You don't have to pay for it and, in addition to that, you can use it freely, which means that you can copy music as much as you want and for anyone you want, you can use it for a radio play list and put it on the air or on TV, in shops, freely and for free.

All Monteparadiso Netlabel releases are licensed under a Creative Commons license, which is why nobody will charge you for using Monteparadiso Netlabel editions. From this web label you can download the albums of the following bends: Anti-Otpad , Barrakuda , Bolesno Grinje , Cannone , Crasso de Odio , Desinence Mortification , Devastation , Eluj , Enklava , Fakofbolan , Filji di Bruno Atomiko , Fojbon , Kvalitetni Disko Bend Shuma , Nulla Osta , Outre , Pasmaters , Reanimacija , Spiridon Mekas Crust , Trijo Porkodijo , Various Artists - Dvorac Rojc - 1. pulski Rap Mixtape , Wuollahee! … and, of course, Frontalni Udar.




Phone: ++/385/(0)52/506 460

Fax: ++/385/(0)52/384 070

Mobile: ++/385/(0)98 268 070

Snail Mail: Udruga Monteparadiso/ Gajeva 3/ 52100 Pula/ Croatia (for the netlabel)








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